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Our choice is Jivosite 21 Nov

JivoSiteConsulting Online Experts on the websites of online-stores and services have already become an integral feature of the qualitative and efficient supplying information to the client, that is to say potential customer.

Whereas the goal of every company, which sells goods and services, is to keep the customer’s attention to the maximum, lively online-service for delivery of assistance in particular product choice is an essential component of this goal.

Let’s take a detailed look at online-service JivoSite

Service options:008

  • Active Invitations. They involve customizable, for a particular time, popup box with consulting online expert. Even though the customer hasn’t noticed this option or doesn’t want to use it for the moment, then in a given time he will be offered the help in assortment or service selection, site navigation etc.
  • Standby mode. It switches the operator in the standby status or so-called break, if the service is not active for some time.
  • Web call. It is an innovative option. At any rate not each and every website has it. The customer can contact with technical support or consulting online expert providing that he has headset and installed flash-player.
  • Mac client. It is also unextended option. Most of the services don’t maintain Mac, and the client is provided only for Windows and Linux.






Some other options in the work of service should be pointed out:

  • Option “hide Jivosite logotype” is available for update version.
  • The customer can assess the work of consulting online expert after the chat.
  • Language choice for chat is available.
  • In advance it is possible to customize text of widgets for displaying to the customers, when the operator is not available.
  • 5 different themes are available for chat. It is possible to customize call support button by preference.
  • Statistics. This option allows saving all dialogs from your sites with auto mode to email. Statistics is also available in graphical format. It is possible to form a report of the work of each consulting online expert on the each website in MicrosoftExel format.



If you register on the JivoSite service, you will be provided with the trial period for using all the functions during 2 weeks. At the end of this period you can purchase license version or continue using JivoSite with limited facilities. Generally the service gives positive emotions. It is well-considered from design to functionality. There is special offer up to November, 30 – 395 rubles for operator when paying for 2 years.

You can register and try major version right now on the website