Lease dedicated server

entry_img_4Leasing a server will allow you to reduce the initial cost of your project so you do not need to spend (or freeze) additional funds for the server hardware. Buying a server is a very important part of the project, as the minimum server life expectancy is three years. Servers selected for smaller tasks are typically configured so that the capacity of the server is powerful enough to last through the full term of the project, resulting in redundancy of the configuration and corresponding redundancy of the equipment cost. That impacts the project payback period as a whole.


Minimum rental price is 39 €/month. Leasing a server in the data center can not only help you save on the equipment cost, but also on the software. License from Microsoft can be rented for the equipment lease term, without paying for the full cost of the license (e.g., MS Windows Server Standard 2012 lease cost is € 12,00 per month, while its purchase will cost about 600 €, which is equivalent to 50 months worth of rent ).

How to reduce expenses?

When renting a server in a data center, you save money on:

Электроэнергия, аренда сервера The cost of electricity spent, for uninterruptible power supply, no need to worry about power outage;
Кондиционирование, аренда сервера The cost of cooling the room in which the equipment is located;
Серверная, аренда сервера The cost of rent and maintenance of the room, where the equipment is located;
Доступ в помещение, аренда сервера The cost of arranging access to the room with the equipment;
Сохранность оборудования, аренда сервера The cost of equipment safety (protection from water damage and fire);
Постоянная работоспособность, аренда сервера Expences for providingcontinuous maintnance of running equipment (some Internet providers);
ЗИП, аренда сервера The cost of purchase, storage and prompt replacement of expendable items (hard drives, batteries, etc.);
Налоги, аренда сервера Tax expenses on essential assets (servers, licenses, etc.);

All these costs can be removed from the project, if you rent a server.

You can choose the configuration of the leased server on The Servers Lease page.

The list of tasks for dedicated servers almost does not differ from the tasks for local network. You can choose the server for different needs. The server for mail service is better to build on the base of SAS-discs, with processors producer. For terminal server on base of Windows Server put a focus on the size of the random access memory. For first projects, you can choose the cheapest server. Take into account that the choice of location in Germany means following the laws of this country and for some subjects (on-line casinos, videos of sexual explicit character), it’s better to rent the equipment in Netherlands.

All servers are provided in previously set appearance almost ready for operation. When ordering you can choose the needed volume of random access memory, necessary hard disks and required amount of IP-addresses. When paying for the quarter, half of the year, one or two years you will get a discount from 2,5 % to 20%. The additional fee for installation is not taken.

If you lease a dedicated server in the period of promotion, the promotion price is over the lease term.

For assistance in choice of leasing the dedicated server we being the partner of Microsoft offer to get acquainted with conditions and costs of licensing the software Microsoft upon the licensing SPLA, as well you can use special offer for servers for your specific tasks (video hosting, back-up server, web-portal).