Referral Program

Thank you for yourinterest in ouraffiliate program! In addition to the affiliate program designed for the specialists who are reselling our services, we decided to simplify the conditions of participation, and to give everyone an opportunity to earn money.

Who the Referral Program is for

Referral is the member of an affiliate program who has been referred by another member. In this instance, the recommendation is accompanied by a “referral link” containing account information of the referrer, who receives a reward for attracting the newcomers.

Thisway of partnershiprequiresyou to publish referral linkswith with brief descriptionsof our servicesand other advertisementmaterials on the web sites, message boardsand forums. The purpose is to showthis informationto the visitorandgain his or her interest. After clicking on your link, and registering on our site, the visitor gets associated with your account. Orders paid by the visitor will bring you a reward. The proposed program is very convenient because it does not impose any expenses on you. You can receive regular earnings just by posting the link at the right place. You get rewarded from services provided to the attracted clients.

How to become the program member

referr_accountTo participate, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Register in our billing system;
  2. Fill out the order form and agree with the agreement terms and conditions;
  3. Get the referral link (instructions) from thedashboard;
  4. Place the link on theinformation resources;


money_addAll navigational statistics and user registration is available to the program users in the billing system. Information about the deposited payment is update ​​on the first day of each month. Your reward is 5% of the paid orders (for dedicated and virtual servers, for software purchases, for backup services and DNS-hosting) made by the client you brought. You can use the acquired earnings to pay for our company services, or you can deposit funds to your electronic account (over 20 euros).

Other options of affiliate program

variantIf you have the technical skills and can provide technical support, you can resell our services under your own trademark. For this purpose you can use the classic affiliate program, an article about reselling services through BILLmanager.


questionIf you still have questions, you can e-mail us, or create a ticket in the billing system.