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Program products of ISPsystem company have gained popularity among hosting companies and users. The geography of their propagation not only includes Russia, but other countries as well. This speaks for competitiveness of this software. Time tested reliability and great functionality made ISPsystem system program products our main business tools. We are a partner of ISPsystem system and officially offer their products for use by our clients and partners for a favorable price. The software can be bought or leased for a period of time. The license is registered under your name and when you migrate to another server it can be transferred.
ISPmanagerISPmanager 5 - is a new version of the flexible web hosting control panel for managing internet servers. New features
  • Enhanced web-interface has been fully redesigned and the outdated functions and parameters have been removed;
  • Two interface modes are currently supported: basic allowing to provide only required parameters, and expert;
  • Setup wizards enable to configure your control panel, ask to provide required data and add records;
  • Advanced access system helps you easily set users privileges not only for functions, but also for form fields;
  • ISPmanager implements some of the suggestions submitted by the users of the previous version.
ISPmanager 5 control panel also implements multi-level access system, so that every user has access to the functions permitted at their access level. Users with higher access level have more features available to them, including all the functions available to users with lower access.
Product Name Price
ISPmanager 5 Lite (1 month) 3,00 €
ISPmanager 5 Lite (12 month) 24,00 €
ISPmanager 5 Business (1 month) 8,90 €
ISPmanager 5 Business (12 month) 89,00 €
DNSmanagerDNSmanager is a DNS (Domain Name System) control panel. It allows you to manage primary as well as secondary DNS servers through a convenient web interface. It is intended for integration with ISPmanager control panels VMmanager and VEmanager, and for use as a standalone product, for example in order to provide DNS hosting services. DNSmanager can run on any operating system, UNIX or Windows based. It is no secret that all the major hosting providers tend to give uniform name servers to all their customers. DNSmanager is a system that will help you achieve this goal and centralize the management of domain names for all types of hosting: shared-hosting, virtual dedicated and dedicated servers.
Product Name Price
DNSmanager 5 (1 month) 7,00 €
DNSmanager 5 (12 month) 42,00 €
VMmanagerVMmanager 5 — Virtualization management software, which presents a perfect tool for creating virtual machines, providing VPS hosting services and building cloud infrastructure. Take advantage of the cutting-edge features to create VPS on KVM and OpenVZ virtualizations. Make the best use of cloud technologies! VMmanager, a VM management software, empowers your customers to be true owners of their VPS: from deploying a server and rebooting the system, to making and restoring backups. Real-time server load stats and VNC connection will really take a load of queuing Support inquiries. Manage and monitor all of your servers from a single control panel. Easily scale up and administer your cluster with VMmanager: add new nodes in seconds, update the hardware of the platform and distribute load, with this cloud management software. This virtualization management software provides tools enabling your virtual machines to load up successfully on other nodes, in case the main server is unavailable. As cloud management software, VMmanager helps keep everything running smoothly and gives the best VPS performance possible in any situation! Migrate virtual machines between cluster nodes to optimize load on each server. This functionality allows you to maximize effective allocation of VPS between your servers, thus negating the need to invest into unneeded infrastructure.
Product Name Price
VMmanager 5 OVZ (1 month) 6,00 €
VMmanager 5 OVZ (12 month) 60,00 €
VMmanager 5 KVM (1 month) 6,00 €
VMmanager 5 KVM (12 month) 60,00 €
VMmanager 5 Cloud (1 month) 60,00 €
VMmanager 5 Cloud (12 month) 600,00 €
IPmanagerIPmanager 5 — Quickly track and manage your IPs, set policies to allocate IP addresses to services and clients, all from a single web-interface. Integrate IPmanager control panel with other ISPsystem's software products to get a fully-automated solution for IP address management, including PTR changes. Use the built-in verification mechanism to check IP addresses against DNS based block lists or anti-spam databases, and reject such IPs. Keep track of blacklisted IP addresses and resolve the underlying issues promptly. The integrated statistics tool enables to keep track of IP address availability, and add new networks, when needed. Plan and create your network in a cost-effective manner.
Product Name Price
IPmanager 5 (1 month) 7,00 €
IPmanager 5 (12 month) 42,00 €