IPv6 addresses

Every device connected to the Internet must have a unique number so that it can connect to other devices on the network. These numbers or Internet Protocols (IP) of addresses are critical for working in the Internet.

New pools of IP-IPv4 addresses have not been allocated during the last decade, and everyone uses previously allocated addresses. Many providers already face lack of IPv4 addresses.

With this in mind, in the mid-1990’s, the technical community developed next generation of IP addresses, IPv6, and many trillions of available IPv6 addresses will be sufficient to ensure growth and development of the Internet.

Today, service providers are facing a serious problem – since there are no more IPv4 addresses, and Internet community must make a global decision to implement IPv6.

Why should you know this? Because IPv4 and IPv6 do not work directly with each other. This means that if your content and services are available only via IPv4, a potential customer using IPv6 protocol will not be able to access your website.

Prices for obtaining PI IPv6-addresses*

Name Purpose (one-time) until the end of calendar year** Prolongation (annual)
Network /48 IPv6 280 addresses € 95 € 122
Autonomous system AS 32bit или 16bit € 100 € 122

* PI – Provider-independent address space.

** If the contract is made on October 1 of current year or later, registration fee also covers maintenance for the following calendar year.

IPv6 delegation for dedicated servers***

Name Cost
Network /112 65536 addresses free of charge
Network /48 280 addresses free of charge for 2xCPU servers

*** contact us via support center.

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