The “DNS server” service is provided free of charge to users who rent dedicated servers, but one can subscribe to this service independently. Service charge starts from 1 Euro per annum.

Names of name servers:

As is well known, one of the bottlenecks in server reliability is due to DNS servers that are responsible for converting a domain name into server’s IP address. In its essence, this is the first service that is used for your web resource. We have created distributed DNS servers for our customers, featuring powerful data transfer channels located in Germany, USA and the Netherlands, which provides high response speed and reliability. For managing DNS servers we use DNSmanager 5 from ISPsystem. This panel can be easily integrated with ISPmanager.

User guide

  1. When renting a server, the “DNS server” service is automatically activated, and you can refer your domain names to our NS addresses. A letter with brief instructions and credentials will be sent to the email address that you provided during registration. To use it, you have to register a domain in the ISPmanager (see “Domains” – “Domain Names”), and specify the NS server in the domain. You can control the zone both from ISPmanager, and directly from DNSmanager.
  2. To independently order the “DNS server” service from renting server, you need to place an order for this service in the billing panel (https://my.ru-tld.ru), see “DNS hosting”, and select a rate plan, or choose it from this table:
Service name 1 month 1 year
Managed DNS (1 domain included) - 99 р.
8.25 р./mo.

8.25 р./domain in mo.
Managed DNS (5 domains included) - 299 р.
24.92 р./mo.

4.984 р./domain in mo.
Managed DNS (100 domains included) 199 р.

1.99 р./domain in mo.
1990 р.
165.83 р./mo.

1.658 р./domain in mo.
Managed DNS (200 domains included) 359 р.

1.795 р./domain in mo.
3590 р.
299.17 р./mo.

1.496 р./domain in mo.
Managed DNS (500 domains included) 499 р.

0.998 р./domain in mo.
4990 р.
415.83 р./mo.

0.832 р./domain in mo.
Managed DNS (1000 domains included) 899 р.

0.899 р./domain in mo.
8990 р.
749.17 р./mo.

0.749 р./domain in mo.
Managed DNS (2500 domains included) 1990 р.

0.796 р./domain in mo.
19900 р.
1658.33 р./mo.

0.663 р./domain in mo.
Managed DNS (5000 domains included) 3990 р.

0.798 р./domain in mo.
39900 р.
3325 р./mo.

0.665 р./domain in mo.
Managed DNS (10000 domains included) 7990 р.

0.799 р./domain in mo.
79900 р.
6658.33 р./mo.

0.666 р./domain in mo.
After the order is paid, your user name and password for the DNSmanager will be sent to your email address, along with a brief user guide:

Service Announcement-DNS server

This message is from *.RU-TLD team to inform you that your “DNS server” has been successfully  registered. Since you will need this information, we would suggest you to save this message for your convenience sake.

DNSmanager web-interface address: https://dns.ru-tld.ru/manager/dnsmgr

User: XXXXXX_login
Password: XXXXXXX
Names server name:

DNSmanager panel documentation in an accessible format is available in the control panel. To learn more about our products, please visit Web site at http://ispsystem.com/en/software/dnsmanager/documentation/

We appreciate your business. It’s truly our pleasure to serve you.
Kind regards,
*.Ru-tld team