Datacenter in Holland

A 6748 We have chosen for you a high-tech data center in Holland – EvoSwitch Next Generation data center.

When choosing a data center, what is the most important?

First of all, it is safety (security, power supply, cooling, fire extinguishing system).

Second, it is network availability of servers in the data center, as a server without network is just a personal computer. On top of the bandwidth, you have to assess signal time delays (ping). You also should pay attention to terms of traffic provision. This parameter should be paid attention to in the second turn.

Third is SLA (Service Level Agreement), because if something happens to the server, every minute counts, also pay attention to language of support – it should always be Russian.

Ecology is not the last thing in the design and development of this data center.

Power usage effectiveness (PUE) aims at 1. In 2009 PUE was over 1.5, in 2010 it decreased to 1.4, and in 2011 this indicator was less than 1.2, which changes cost of services for the better.

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EvoSwitch data center is located outside Amsterdam, in Haarlem (19 km to the west from center of Amsterdam). EvoSwitch data center was launched in 2007 with planned expansion to 5 halls and 2 switching rooms. Now, their area is over 10,000 square meters, and there are plans to expand it to 40,000 square meters. Situated in an area with insignificant power consumers, EvoSwitch has an opportunity to expand power consumption of up to 60 MW from current consumption of over 25 MW.

Now, let’s look at safety level at this data center.

Security – data center is surrounded by a high voltage perimeter fence, and the entire length of the fence is monitored by outdoor CCTV cameras. Remotely controlled mantrap gate with intercom system eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access inside data center perimeter. Entrance to the building and interior rooms is provided only after authentication and authority check. Nobody will gain access to your equipment without your prior consent. During their visit to the data center, visitors are never left alone.

Indicator of high security in the data center is a PCI-DSS certificate that confirms that our data center is safe for accommodation of plastic cards processing.

Energy security – hall of APC batteries and 16 diesel generators (1540 kVA each) have been ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the data center since 2007 (uptime 99.99999%). Normally, 15 kW is supplied per rack, and on request 25 kW can be supplied.

Air-conditioning system – ensures data center cooling with 2N redundancy. Maintained is temperature 24 ° С (± 5 ° C) and relative humidity 50% (± 25%). The data center has its own concept of natural cooling. This method of cooling with low power consumption ensures rational use of outside air having ideal temperature and humidity due to mild climate of the Netherlands.

Fire suppression system – one can get impression about data center credibility by looking at its fire suppression system. The data center has VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) system installed that immediately notifies argon fire suppression system, which is connected to the ventilation system that is deactivated during fire extinction.

Data center walls are fire-proof and can withstand high temperatures for at least 180 minutes. In addition, a fire detection system is used with optical detectors that detect changes in air flow, and heat detectors.

All systems are monitored 24/7 by qualified support.


Connections – EvoSwitch data center has excellent data links to Russia. They are sometimes even better than links between different regions of Russia within the country. This is due to the fact that traffic exchange point is located in this data center, and total number of uplinks and peerings is over 30. Major directly linked operators are: Level3, Telia Sonera, Global Crossing, Tata Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Cogent, etc.

Total bandwidth is 4.5 Tbps. Arguably, this Data center has the best communication capabilities in the world.

It makes it possible to connect the server to the Internet at rates of either 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps.

Terms for traffic connecting – there are various tariff plans for various operating conditions. You can connect at 100 Mbps with no limit of traffic volume, or at 1 Gbps with 100 TB traffic limit, or without any restrictions. This approach makes it possible to choose a rate that suits you best.

Technical support — All our clients are provided with Russian language technical support via a ticketing system. Additionally, all data center level problems are resolved with Platinum SLA, according to 24x7x1/2 schema. This guarantees the leased equipment replacement in 2 hours or less.

Equipment – we provide only name brand equipment from Hewlett Packard, IBM, Dell. When renting a server, you need not worry about its condition.

Technical parameters of EvoSwitch data center in Haarlem, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, compared to six data centers of The Selectel Company

Parameter EvoSwitch* 6 data centers Selectel*,

Moscow and St.Petersburg together

Data center(s) area 9285 m²
  • DC “Cvetochnaya” 700 m²
  • DC “Tehnodom” 1400 m²
  • DC “Berzarina” 300 m²
  • DC “Dubrovka” 750 m²
  • DC “Dubrovka 2” 800 m²
  • DC “Dubrovka 3” 800 m²

TOTAL: 4750 m²

Maximum permissible power consumption 60 MW
  • ДЦ “Cvetochnaya” 2 МВт
  • ДЦ “Tehnodom” 3 МВт
  • ДЦ “Berzarina” 0,8 МВт
  • ДЦ “Dubrovka” 2,5 МВт
  • ДЦ “Dubrovka 2” 2,5 МВт
  • ДЦ “Dubrovka 3” 2 МВт

Итого: 12,8 МВт

Power consumption 25 MW not Disclosed
Total data links bandwidth 3,5 Tbps 0.13 Tbps

* – Information from company’s official website