Dedicated servers

server_stanchionDedicated servers (physical servers) can perform a variety of tasks, amongst which the web projects (high-load websites, information portals, and others.) are the most common. Dedicated server is only used by you, so when selecting a server you need to understand which server components are used by your project. Some projects utilize the processor, some utilize the memory, and some utilize the disk subsystem, for example, 1C-Bitrix can load all server components in case of high web traffic. Our experts can personally help you choose the server configuration that suits your requirements.


server_errorComparing to the virtual server, dedicated server can run multiple virtual machines and share the server resources amongst them. Virtual machines running on the same server, can compete for available resources causing the performance reduction. Other than that dedicated server works as an operating system that runs your project, like a virtual server.

msYou can install a legal operating system Microsoft Windows Server (Standart, Essentials and even Datacenter edition) on the rented dedicated server using SPLA (Services Provider License Agreement). The key of this program is for you not to buy the license, but rent it for the duration of the equipment lease. It will allow you to pay only 19 euros a month, instead of € 1100, and still have a fully legal software. SPLA supports a wide range of software from Microsoft, which will run on your server. Using SPLA licensing program, you can reduce your spendings on the project startup.


A Windows server and an enterprise resource system (ERP) installed on it, for example 1C: Enterprise will make your office free of any expensive equipment that could be stolen, flooded with water, or burn down, because in the data center power supply and redundant cooling capacity is guaranteed, and powerful fire suppression system is installed.

Even if your server breaks down, it will be replaced for free, and promptly (no need to wait for the delivery of any equipment). We will also provide you with the server space for your data backups.

network_cloudsAll servers are connected to the Internet at the speed of 100 Mbit/s or 1Gbit/s (it is also possible to connect at the speed of 10 Gbit/s) allowing many users to connect to the server without any delay. Throughput capacity in LeaseWeb datacenter (where we place the servers) is more than 4.5 Tbit/s. The datacenter is connected to all major traffic exchange points in Europe and has direct interconnections with major backbone providers in Russia and Ukraine. Many traffic generation resources have their projects in LeaseWeb datacenter for file-storage, video-streaming and other online-media. LeaseWeb Datacenter combines the balance of price and quality.

gift_addThe servers are provided with the operation system and all the updates pre-installed, moreover you can order a server with:

  • Administration services (the so-called “server without worries”);
  • installed ISPmanager control panel to be able to use the server as regular hosting, or as VPS, i.e. without an operating system;
  • installed Bitrix Web Environment (“1C-Bitrix Web Environment”) and work in the familiar environment through 1C-Bitrix;
  • Fullcustomizedfor your tasks.

bullet_addIf you are moving to us from another agent, we will help you with your data migration, and will try to minimize the down time.

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