CDN (Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network) —  is the network delivery (and distribution) of content. Geographically distributed network infrastructure allows to optimize the delivery and distribution of content to the Internet end users. Use of CDN by content providers increases the speed of download of audio, video, software, gaming and other types of digital content by internet users in the access points of CDN network.

Our CDN was built using the latest web technologies to achieve high network performance compared to any other CDN.

CDN finds greatest application in the following cases:

  • Video on Demand by pseudo-streaming (H.264/FLV);
  • HTTP Live streaming (HLS) for events, radio and television;
  • Active distribution of large and small files using push technology;
  • Dynamic website speed increase using pull technology.


We offer one of the largest CDN-networks in the world. For hardware nodes we use industrial solid state drives which improve file caching and video streaming.

Software for managing CDN is developed by LeaseWeb experts and has many useful features:

  • Intuitively comprehensible control panel monitors the status and statistics views in real time. This allows customers to optimize content distribution;
  • Instantaneous content distribution to ensure continuous and accurate delivery of data to users;
  • Optimized for large file transfers, and small high frequency transmission;
  • Highsecurity (protectionfrom DDoS-attacks);
  • Full backup and hight scalability, thanks to a double infrastructure distribution and the use of geo-distributed DNS-servers;
  • 100% SSD-drives for data storage;
  • High level of integration with any applications using API;
  • Full controlusing the control panel;
  • 99,9999% Up-time.

The user gets an easy-to-use control panel with an access to statistics and access to distribution settings, like bandwidth throttling (bandwidth limit on a single connection). Our network infrastructure spans multiple data centers in Europe, USA and Asia, utilizes various traffic exchange points and connects with the global transit providers. The total network bandwidth is 4 terabytes per second.




Fifty-two points of presence in the world and direct connection to the 33 global traffic exchange points allow highest quality of CDN at the global level, capacity of 4 TB/s.

Our network infrastructure is a diversified, hierarchical, scalable and fully redundant. We use geographically dispersed redundant core routers. Our network is designed to provide customers with superior performance and is able to bypass any malfunctions or failures in any network nodes. Network capacity, combined with an extensive array of advanced datacenter e-marketplaces, reliably distribute large volumes of content anywhere in the world faster than any of our competitors.

Sphere of application

  • Video on Demand (Video on demand) by pseudo-streaming (H.264/FLV);
  • HTTP Live streaming (HLS) for events, radio and television;
  • Active distribution of large and small files using push technology;
  • Dynamic site speed increase using pull technology.

Cost andtariff principles

Monthly fee is 49,00 €/month

The monthly fee includes access to the control panel, 1TB of traffic, 2GB space for placing data, up to 20 million calls over HTTP or 2 million calls over HTTPS and 2000 calls to API. Going over the limits included in the monthly fee will cause overcharges:

Traffic Price
0-1 TB Included
1-10 TB 0.0449 €/GB
10-50 TB 0.0390 €/GB
50-150 TB 0.0290 €/GB
API calls Price
0-2000 calls Included
2000-10000 calls 0.50 €/100 calls
HTTP requests Price
0-20 M Included
20-1000 M 1.00 €/M
1000-15000 M 0.90 €/M
HTTPS requests
0-2 M Included
2-100 M 1.50 €/M
100-500 M 1.30 €/M
Storage Price
2 GB Included
25 GB 25.00 €
250 GB 250.00 €
1 TB 1000.00 €