Regulations Technical Support

The “Renting a dedicated server” service is intended to be used by experienced personnel, but sooner or later operation questions arise, which can be solved with the help of technical support. This regulation aligns the relationship between the Customer and the Company. For new Customers, we do not limit the number of calls to technical support during the first month of service. This is required for moving or deploying your project with our help; in the future, all our customers have the opportunity to regularly contact technical support as they feel necessary.

  1. Terms and definitions

1.1. Client — A natural person or legal entity who receives the “Dedicated server” service on the basis of an accepted offer contract.

1.2. Account – Information used to identify the Client in the process of service delivery.

1.3. Datacenter – A technical site for the server and communication equipment and connection to Internet channels.

1.4. SPAM – mass sending of e-mail, ICQ, etc. messages, mostly of commercial nature.

1.5. Dedicated server – A physical server belonging to the Contractor, resources whereof are made available for the Client. The dedicated server is located in the data center, and is intended to be operated by experienced technicians of the Client. If the server is operated by inexperienced professionals, the “Full server administration” service is required.

1.6. IP-KVM – a device for access to server console via TCP/IP

1.7. OS – Operating System.

1.8. SW – software.

1.9. IP–address – device address in the Internet.

  1. General Provisions

2.1. *.RU-TLD Server Rent and Domain Registration Center helpdesk (hereinafter referred to as “helpdesk”) provides support to its customers on the basis of rules of service, contract offer and the rules of technical support.

2.2. Technical support is provided to clients in order to assist in emergency situations in operating the equipment or for providing consultations about the service delivered.

2.3. Technical support is only related to the serviced delivered, and cannot be provided in relation to third-party products and services.

2.4. Technical support for basic and application software (software) does not include software customization, and it is limited to installation with default settings.

2.5. Information about planned works on the network of the data centers of obtained by users themselves from RSS channels: Planned Work Channel, Technical Problems Channel

  1. Amount of technical support

3.1. A Client with an active paid-up product gets 1 free-of-charge service ticket per calendar month, which can be reported to helpdesk. Incidents for various products are summarized.

3.2. Total number of free Incident for current calendar month is calculated on the 1st of current month. Unused service tickets are not transferred to the new month.

3.3. For rented equipment, the number of service tickets during the first month of rent is not limited.

3.4. The client has the right to receive technical support exceeding the free-of-charge service tickets but on paid basis.

3.5. Free Incidents and Incidents purchased in the framework of support package, are only valid for the current calendar month. Upon expiration of the calendar month, all existing client’s service tickets become void.

3.6. Time for solving service ticket is rounded up to the nearest whole hour.

3.7. Required service ticket resolution time is defines by helpdesk employee on the basis of estimated time required for its solution.

  1. The procedure for providing technical support

4.1. Incidents are registered via a billing system with indication of the project, category, and product for which the service ticket is raised.

4.2. Client’s resort for technical support in any other way (by phone, e-mail, ICQ, Skype, etc.) are not considered mandatory for execution and may be lost or ignored. No claims or complaints in this regard are considered.

4.3. Each service ticket should be clearly and correctly formulated. Superficial questions can be answered with superficial answers only. Please ask meaningful and specific questions, describe the problem accurately and in detail. Carefully describe the symptoms of the problem.

4.4. For each service ticket a separate service ticket is created. The further solution will be delivered within the created service ticket.

4.5. Service tickets are processed in the order they are received (the arrival time is the time the last answer is added to the service-ticket), taking into account “urgency” set by the customer. If an “urgent” service ticket is found, but it is not urgent in its essence, it will be processed the latest.

4.6. Guaranteed period of service tickets acceptance for processing ranges from 15 minutes to 3 hours in normal mode and up to 6 hours in standby mode. Depending on a service ticket, actual time of resolution may be up to 48 hours.

4.7. Technical Support Services cannot guarantee the time for resolving the service ticket, since it can be influenced by various factors such as timely customer response, timely response from data centers specialists, waiting for product updates, etc., but technical support is committed to make every effort to resolve service tickets soonest possible.

4.8. Response time is the total load on technical support and may be less than stated in timing regulation. In some cases, issues may be solved immediately upon receipt of service-ticket or additional information from the client. Helpdesk employees’ response time to additional information may be longer, but should not exceed maximum response time. In these cases there is no need to contact helpdesk by phone or make duplicate service tickets, as a rule, it will not speed up the process of solving the problem.

4.9. In priority to other service tickets, the following can be processed:

  • server availability;
  • equipment operability;
  • network problems solution.

4.10. In order to resolve a service ticket, helpdesk has the right to ask for user’s password; upon closure of the service ticket, the Client is obliged to change the password.

4.11. Upon adding an answer to the service ticket, the customer is sent a notification by e-mail. We are not responsible for delivery of such notices and operation of spam filter on the side of ‘client’s mail provider. The Customer independently controls settings of billing system notification.

4.12. Equipment (IP-address, OS re-installation, configurations upgrade, IP-KVM) is ordered on the basis of the service ticket created with “Sales Dept” category.

4.13. The Client can make a hardware reset, run Recovery console, manage IP addresses and receive traffic statistics.

  1. Competence of Help Desk

5.1. Helpdesk has been created to assist clients in emergency situations, and to provide consulting support for delivered services. Help Desk guarantees support (basic support issues) in case of:

  • installation of an operating system with providing root access;
  • execution of orders for additional IP addresses;
  • installation of operating system, control panel, SPLA licenses software. All above software is installed with default settings;
  • ensuring equipment operability at hardware level at request of Customers;
  • ensuring equipment availability in the Internet;
  • resolving network problems within the responsibility of the data center.

5.2. Other service tickets that are not described in section 5.1 are resolved in case of available service tickets in Client’s billing system, and as agreed upon with Help desk.

5.3. There are service tickets that do not fall within the competence of the Helpdesk:

  • installation, configuring and updating client software (scripts, modules, CMS, etc.);
  • on behalf of the Customer performing operations that the Customer can perform on his own;
  • consultations in web design, web programming, website creation, use of applied software;
  • answers to meaningless questions, or questions not related to the problem;
  • Client training in administration of dedicated servers, answers may be provided as reference to documents for self-study.
  1. Helpdesk work hours

6.1. Normal work hours

Normally, helpdesk is open 9:00 through 21:00 MSK, Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (according to Russian calendar) work hours are 10:00 through 16:00 MSK.

6.2. Standby

Helpdesk is available 24 hours. In standby mode, only emergency and urgent problems are processed that are related to unavailability of servers. General technical problems are not guaranteed to be solved – all such service tickets are sent for processing to the next shift.

Регламент технической поддержки RU-TLD

Регламент технической поддержки RU-TLD
Регламент технической поддержки RU-TLD
Регламент технической поддержки RU-TLD