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Leaseweb policies

This document sets set forth the policies and guidelines applied by LeaseWeb in its relationship with Customer, in
particular to clarify the manner in which the Services and Equipment may be used by Customer and what manner
of use is considered unacceptable by LeaseWeb. LeaseWeb’s general terms and conditions (the “General Terms”),
LeaseWeb’s service specification (the “Service Specification”), and LeaseWeb’s Support and Service Level Schedule
(“Support and Service Level Schedule”), are also part of the Agreement and apply to the Services and any
Equipment provided by LeaseWeb.

Chapter A. Introduction

1. Definitions

2. General

3. Leaseweb policies

4. Contact persons

Chapter B. Acceptable use policy

1. Use of services

2. E‐mail use / anti‐spam

3. World wide web use

4. Irc use

5. Use of the customer portal

6. Abuse handling procedure

7. Use and registration of domains ip addresses and as numbers

Chapter C. Security policy

1. Introduction

2. Basic infrastructure configuration

3. Monitoring / reporting

Chapter d. Facility operations policy

1. Introduction

2. Shipments

3. Storage

4. Conduct at LeaseWeb datacenter

Chapter E. Infrastructure policy

1. Equipment requirements

2. Access and repairs

Chapter F. Investigation and enforcement policy

1. Investigation

2. Enforcement

3. Disclaimer

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