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Chapter E. Infrastructure policy

1. Equipment requirements

1.1. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing by LeaseWeb, all Equipment shall be installed and maintained by or on behalf of Customer in
accordance with the following criteria: (i) Telecommunication lines shall be extended from an organized and protected distribution frame; (ii)
Spare parts for the Equipment shall be kept within the confines of the Housing Space; (iii) AC and DC power distribution shall take place
within the Housing Space, to the extent available; (iv) Equipment density shall be consistent with floor loading at the Facility; (v) All cables
shall be tied and harnessed in an orderly fashion; (vi) Equipment shall be in full compliance with telecommunications industry standards and
in accordance with LeaseWeb’s requirements and specifications; and (vii) Equipment shall comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations
in the jurisdiction where located (including, but without limitation, the ITE Regulations of Title 47 of the U.S. Code of Regulations).

1.2. Customer shall be expressly prohibited from installing any AC UPS Equipment in the Housing Space or at the LeaseWeb Datacenter in

1.3. Customer shall ensure that Equipment with AC power supplies have a power factor of 0.85 or higher.

2. Access and repairs

2.1. LeaseWeb will not touch, maintain, use, upgrade, repair or operate Colocated Infrastructure, except as required: (i) as part of Standard
Support, Advanced Support Services and/or Remote Hands Services provided by LeaseWeb, and/or (ii) and possible in an Emergency.

2.2. LeaseWeb is entitled to access Housing Space, if such access is needed: (i) during an Emergency; (ii) during a Service Disruption; (iii) to
perform Maintenance; (iv) to provide Standard Support, Advanced Support Services and/or Remote Hands Services; (iv) for security purposes;
(v) to comply with an order or ruling or decision or approval from a court, any law enforcement authority or any (other) governmental
authority; and (vi) to perform an investigation or to enforce the LeaseWeb Policies in accordance with Chapter F.

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