Срочная новость для наших клиентов из Крыма.

Дорогие клиенты из Крыма, извещаем вас, что нами было получено письмо от нашего партнёра ResellerClub, в котором сказано, что ResellerClub не сможет предоставлять услуги регистрации доменов и обслуживать доменные имена с 15 марта 2015 года для владельцев международных доменов из Крыма. В связи с этим нашим клиентам «крымчанам» необходимо перенести свои международные домены к регистраторам, которые никак не связанны с американскими регистраторами.


Какие домены попадают под санкции?

Касается всех международных доменов зарегистрированных «крымчанами» у нас в dc.ru-tld.ru, dc2.ru-tld.ru, uk2.ru-tld.ru, resellerclub.ru-tld.ru, nn.ru-tld.ru, panel.ru-tld.ru, reg.ru-tld.ru, части международных доменов зарегистрированных в r01.ru-tld.ru через ResellerClub (DirectI), части международных доменов billing.ru-tld.ru, которые зарегистрированы через Reg.ru, ResellerClub (DirectI), R01, NauNet и части международных доменов которые зарегистрированы в основном нашем биллинге my.ru-tld.ru через регистратора ResellerClub (DirectI), NauNet, Reg.ru, R01 (ResellerClub).


Что делать, чтоб не потерять домен?

Домены необходимо переносить (делать трансфер) к регистраторам RU-CENTER, EvoNames, WebNames в основном биллинге my.ru-tld.ru и в evo.ru-tld.ru (EvoName).

Обратите внимание, трансфер (перенос домена к другому регистратору) платный и продлевает домен на год. Стоимость трансфера как правило равняется стоимости продления. Инструкцию по трансферу можно посмотреть у нас в разделе помощи. Цены можно посмотреть здесь.

Мы готовы ответить на все Ваши вопросы и помочь. Вопросы можно задать через тикет систему основного биллинга my.ru-tld.ru.


Ниже письмо в оригинале.

Dear Reseller,

As you may already be aware, ResellerClub is a US based entity and we are bound by law to adhere to the directives of the United States government. As a result of recent developments, we will no longer be able to support partners and clients from the state of Crimea and hence we will be unable to service any transactions with individuals and/or companies located in this region.

Your business is NOT directly impacted by this change, however, we have determined that some of your clients including sub-resellers or customers are located in the region listed above and hence we will have to cease providing our services to ONLY these few clients. We can assure you that the majority of your business will not be impacted and you can continue using ResellerClub to service clients from all other regions that you have already been catering to. We strongly recommend that you contact these impacted clients and migrate the services offered to them to an alternate provider who can support services in Crimea. We assure you that we will assist you in making this transition to another provider easier.

Here is the list of clients under your ResellerClub Account who will be impacted as a result of these changes.

If you believe that any of these clients have been incorrectly flagged as a business/individual operating from the above listed region, please furnish a copy of government authorized documentation on an email to compliance@publicdomainregistry.com so that we can evaluate the validity of the same and decide on whether we can legally continue to do business with your client. Please note that only the following documents will be accepted as valid proof — ID Proof for individual or registered business issued by his/her government which shows his/her residence / company address.


The system will no longer be able to support Resellers, Sub Resellers and Customers from the state of Crimea from the 15th of March. After the 15th, the system will continuously assess the country of operation of all our Resellers, Sub Resellers and Customers by making checks on country data as filed with us, IP addresses, bank accounts etc. to ensure that we conform to these regulations.

All your current services to countries other than those listed above will continue as usual. We will no longer be able offer any services only to sub-resellers and your/their customers from the above listed countries.

Impact Details and Timeline:


You will need to communicate the transition in a way you see fit to your impacted sub-resellers & customers
Starting today, impacted resellers and customers will not be able to change their country settings on their ResellerClub accounts
Any pending actions or transactions related to the affected accounts will be cancelled on 15th of March
All products with ResellerClub associated with the affected Sub-resellers/Customers will be deactivated on 15th of March
All products with ResellerClub associated with the affected clients will continue to remain in suspended status till 31st March post which they will be deleted

Sub Reseller/Customer Accounts:

Any Sub Reseller or Customer that has selected an affected country / state / city or Zip Code in their profile details or as a domain contact will be affected by this change
No new sub-reseller signups under your affected Sub-Reseller’s account will be possible after today
You will not be able to add new accounts from the affected region to your ResellerClub account from today
All existing accounts on our system from the affected countries will be suspended on the 15th of March
The SuperSite and ResellerClub API will stop working for the affected accounts on the 15th of March
Effective today you will not be able to move accounts associated with these countries to other resellers/providers on our platform


All Domain Names in affected sub-resellers or customer accounts under your ResellerClub account will be suspended on 15th of March, so we urge you to transfer them to an alternate provider
Effective today you and impacted clients under your account will not be able to initiate “Domain Move” for Domains by Registrants from these countries to other Resellers/providers on our platform
Your domains will cease to resolve starting 15th of March, but you will still be able to transfer them out till 31st March. However we suggest that you initiate transfers immediately
Free domain services currently offered by us like DNS, Domain Forwarding and Mail Forwarding will stop functioning for the impacted accounts on the 15th of March.

Web & Email Hosting:

For Web Hosting packages under affected clients, we recommend that you download backups through cPanel or Plesk before the 15th of March
For Email Hosting packages, we recommend that your impacted sub-resellers and customers use a desktop client to download all mails and make arrangements to migrate to another provider
The impacted sub-resellers and customers will need to use those back-ups and start hosting elsewhere before the 15th of March post which the packages will be suspended
For Website Builder services, we strongly recommend that you start using an alternate tool to service the impacted clients as we will not be able to provide backups of site- content or emails

It has been a great experience doing business with you and it is unfortunate that we are unable to continue supporting some parts of your business, but we assure you that we will continue offering our stellar service to you for all our other countries of operation. We will also assist you in ensuring a smooth transition to your new providers for the impacted accounts.

In case of any queries, please contact clientrelations@resellerclub.com

Team ResellerClub