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Services specification

This Service Specification Schedule sets forth the specifications of Services provided by LeaseWeb, and further
details Customer’s and LeaseWeb’s obligations in connection with such Services. LeaseWeb’s general terms and
conditions (the “General Terms”), LeaseWeb’s Support and Service Level Schedule (“Support and Service Level
Schedule”), and LeaseWeb’s policies and guidelines with respect to the use of its Services (the “LeaseWeb Policies”)
are also part of the Agreement and apply to the Services and any Equipment provided by LeaseWeb.

Chapter A. Definitions

1. Definitions

Chapter B. IP connectivity

1. Services

2. Bandwidth and data traffic

3. Upgrade / Downgrade / Switch

4. Monitoring and billing

5. Use of ips

6. Fair usage policy

Chapter C. Equipment

1. Equipment

Chapter D. Rackspace

1. Housing space

2. Installation

3. Access / Access Procedure

4. Interconnections

5. Service interruptions

6. Damage; Repair

7. Specifications

Chapter E. Other Services

1. Tape rotation

2. Firewall and load balancing

3. SSL

4. Mail

5. Domain names

6. Leaseweb backup service

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