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Chapter C. Equipment

1. Equipment

1.1. With respect to all Dedicated Equipment, LeaseWeb shall ‐ in the performance of an Order ‐ be entitled to provide Customer with Equipment
from another manufacturer than the manufacturer indicated, provided that (i) the technical specifications of such alternative Equipment are
(in LeaseWeb’s sole determination) equal to, or equivalent to, or better than the technical specifications of the Equipment specified in the
Order Form; and (ii) this shall (unless otherwise agreed) not result in an increase in the Service Charges for lease of the Dedicated Equipment.

1.2. In respect of Dedicated Equipment and Virtual Machines provided by LeaseWeb, the Initial Installation will be performed by LeaseWeb on a
best efforts basis. LeaseWeb is not liable to Customer for any damage resulting from any incorrect Initial Installation, unless such damage is
the direct result of gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of LeaseWeb.

1.3. Subject only to Section 1.1 hereof and Section Chapter D.3 of Chapter D of the Support and Service Level Schedule, Customer shall, as of the
approval date referenced in Section 6.4 of the General Terms, be fully and solely liable as well as responsible for any corrective and
preventive maintenance, installation, updating, monitoring and configuration of the software installed on the Dedicated Equipment and
Virtual Machines.

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