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Chapter E. Colocation services

1. Colocation target and credits

1.1. The monthly Electricity Availability for Colocation Services shall be as set forth in the table below (the “Electricity Availability Target”).

Table 7: Electricity Availability Target


In the event that in any calendar month, the Electricity Availability for Colocation Services, is lower than the Electricity Availability Target,
Customer shall be eligible to receive a Service Credit (the “Electricity Availability Credit”). The Electricity Availability Credit shall be equal to
2% of the Monthly Recurring Colocation Charge for the respective month for the affected Colocation Service for every 0.1% that the
Electricity Availability falls below the Electricity Availability Target.

1.2. LeaseWeb shall maintain an air temperature within the Datacenter of 24 degrees Celsius, plus or minus 5 degrees Celsius, at a point 1.5
meters from floor level and 0.5 meters from the cold side of the Rack (the “Temperature Target”). In the event in any month, the conditioned
air for Colocation Services does not meet the Temperature Target for a consecutive period of 60 minutes (the “Temperature Threshold”),
Customer shall be eligible to receive a Service Credit (the “Temperature Credit”). The Temperature Credit shall be equal to 2% of the Monthly
Recurring Colocation Charge for the respective month for the affected Colocation Service for every 10 minutes that the temperature falls
above or below (as applicable) the Temperature Target in excess of the Temperature Threshold.

1.3. Customer shall not be entitled to any Electricity Availability Credit in case Customer has opted for an N configuration (rather than N+1 or 2N),
nor shall Customer be entitled to any Electricity Availability Credit in the event Colocation Services are provided in shared Racks (rather than
private Racks).

1.4. Customer shall be solely responsible for the maintenance and support of its Colocated Equipment. LeaseWeb’s sole responsibility in
connection with Colocation Services shall be to use best efforts to remedy any interruption of the supply of electricity or a failure to keep the
temperature within the Datacenter within the Temperature Target. Any other or additional Support Services requested by Customer in
connection with Colocated Equipment shall be subject to the terms set forth in Section 2 below.

1.5. Electricity Availability Credit and Temperature Credit in connection with the same incident shall not be cumulative, but Customer will be
entitled to the highest of such Service Credits.

1.6. The maximum total amount of Electricity Availability Credit and Temperature Credit that Customer may be eligible to in a particular month,
shall be limited to 50% of the Monthly Recurring Colocation Charge for the respective month for the Customer’s Colocation Service affected.

2. Remote hands

2.1. Customer may request LeaseWeb Support Services (the “Remote Hands Services”) in relation to Colocation Services and the Colocated
Equipment. Remote Hands Services may include: pushing a button or switching a toggle; support of planned routine maintenance; tape
swaps; power cycling equipment; cable organization, cross connect inventory and labelling; observing, describing or reporting on display
information on machines or consoles; modifying basic cable layout; running diagnostics; installation of received equipment; typing commands
on a keyboard console; replacing hardware components with spares or upgrades; circuit testing.

2.2. Unless otherwise agreed between Parties in writing, Customer must make available to LeaseWeb, at its own costs and expense, all materials
and information required in connection with Remote Hands Services.

2.3. LeaseWeb may accept or decline Customer’s request for Remote Hands Services in its sole discretion. In case LeaseWeb declines Customer’s
request for Remote Hands Services, Customer shall be solely responsible for the performance of such services.

2.4. All Remote Hands Services are provided “AS‐IS” and on a best efforts basis. LeaseWeb is not liable to Customer for any damage resulting from
any Remote Hands Services provided by LeaseWeb, unless such damage is the direct result of gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the
part of LeaseWeb. Any delivery times, turnaround times or deadlines given or agreed in connection with Remote Hands Services are target
times only and LeaseWeb shall in no event be liable for failure to meet these target times/deadlines.

2.5. LeaseWeb will maintain support engineers actively on duty for Remote Hands Services 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

3. Remote hands package

3.1. If the Customer has Ordered a Remote Hands package (a “Remote Hands Package”), and such Order has been accepted by LeaseWeb,
Customer shall be entitled to the number of minutes of Remote Hands Services included in the relevant Remote Hands Package.

3.2. The table below sets forth the Time Included of Remote Hands Services in each respective Remote Hands Package.

Table 8: Remote Hands Time Included

Basic0 minutes
Bronze30 minutes / month
Silver60 minutes / month
Gold90 minutes / month
Platinum120 minutes / month

3.3. Unused minutes of the Remote Hands Package are non‐refundable and shall not transfer to following months.

3.4. Subject to the Change Order Procedure, Customer shall be entitled to request an upgrade or downgrade the Remote Hands Package.
LeaseWeb may accept or decline this request for the upgrade or downgrade in its sole and absolute discretion.

3.5. If no Remote Hands Package is ordered by Customer, Customer will, in connection with its Colocation Services, by default receive Remote
Hands Services on the basis of LeaseWeb’s level “Basic”.

3.6. Customer may, at any time during the Term, request an upgrade of its Remote Hands Package level. Section 5 of the General Terms shall
apply to such upgrade request. The chosen Remote Hands Package level may only be downgraded at the Initial Term or a renewal terms (as

4. Service charges for remote hands

4.1. Customer shall pay to LeaseWeb the Monthly Recurring Remote Hands Charge. In addition, LeaseWeb shall be entitled to invoice Service
Charges for all Remote Hands Services provided to Customer in excess of the Time Included, on a time spent, basis, at the prevailing
LeaseWeb’s hourly rate for performing the particular Remote Hands Services (plus its expenses related to the performance of the Remote
Hands Services, including any traveling expenses if applicable). The applicable hourly rate may depend on the chosen Remote Hands Package.

4.2. All Remote Hands Services shall be measured in economical quarter hour increments, the number of minutes required to complete the task
rounded up to the next quarter hour, regardless of the level of complexity required to complete the assignment.

4.3. For the purpose of determining the amount of time of Remote Hands Services provided, LeaseWeb’s data shall be binding.

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