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General conditions

These General Terms shall apply to all Quotes, Orders, the Services, the Services Specification, the Support and Service Level Schedule, the LeaseWeb Policies, the Internet Services Master Agreement (if concluded), and any other agreements and/or legal relationships between LeaseWeb and Customer resulting therefrom or in connection therewith. LeaseWeb expressly rejects the applicability of Customer’s general conditions, unless LeaseWeb has expressly has accepted the applicability of Customer’s general conditions in writing. Any amendments to the General Terms are only legally binding between parties, if both Parties have expressly agreed to such amendments in writing.

1. Definitions and interpretation

2. Document structure

3. Scope of services

4. Quotes and order procedure

5. Change order procedure

6. (Initial) Delivery

7. Use of services and equipment

8. Credit approval and financial security

9. Terms of payment

10. Taxes

11. Suspension of services

12. Service disruption

13. Maintenance and testing

14. Housing space / relocation

15. Warranties

16. Indemnification

17. Limitation of liability

18. Insurance

19. Term / renewal

20. Termination

21. Consequences of termination

22. Force majeure

23. Confidentiality

24. Transfer of rights and obligations

25. Notices

26. Miscellaneous

27. Governing law and dispute resolution

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