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Setting for services reselling

BILLmanager settings for reselling services vary slightly between versions (Standard, Advanced and Corporate). The point is that the rates for domains are set in rubles, while tariffs for leased servers are set in Euros. If you are using Standard or Advanced versions, then you deal with the same currency. Therefore, you need to establish rates in the currency used for main accounting. Description of settings presumes that you have already made initial settings in the billing system.

Rent BILLmanager and see the rates for different versions you can page software products ISPsystem.

The first thing you need to do is to register in our billing system, and if you want to resell our servers, in order to set the discount, you need to create a ticket to Sales Department about your intention to resell our services.

The principle of reselling services is as follows: you buy services from us and sell them to third parties. If you do not use BILLmanager, you can resell services in manual mode, but ordering process can be automated by renting BILLmanager from us and ordering its setup.

Enabling support of service
All settings in your billing system should be performed by Root.
Setting BILLmanager for reselling our services is simple and starts with including support services you need. To do this, you have to go to the Settings module under Features and include the services you need.

Configuring interaction server
The next step is to configure interaction server. To do that, you need to add a new server in Integration module under Servers, by specifying the following parameters:

  • Select “BILLmanager” Control Panel;
  • specify server name as my.ru-tld.ru, URL on control panel will be filled automatically;
  • specify the name of the user that you registered in our billing system;
  • specify the password of the user that you have registered in our billing system;
  • choose the responsible person who will receive notifications about operation of the server;
  • you do not have to specify the maximum number of clients;
  • you have to enable the “Use for new orders” feature.

The Configuration tab in this case is empty, and in the Operations tab you have to select all properties.
Configuring interaction server
Excerpt from documentation:

Prolongation – check the box if you want the processing module to receive commands for services prolongation. This is necessary if the services in the connected control panel have a limited expiration date, and in case of manual processing, if manual actions are required for prolongation of the service.

Changing parameters – check the box so that when properties and parameters of the service are changed, processing module receives the command to modify parameters in control panel. This option does not affect the work with supplementary services.

Notify about errors – if errors occurred during service processing, check the box to create a ticket with support center.

Adding registrar for domains
For reselling domain registration services, in Integration module under Registrars, add new registrar and specify the following parameters:

  • Select “BILLmanager” registrar module;
  • Select the server that was set up earlier;
  • Specify Registrar name;
  • Check flags “Send Errors” and “Restart operations”;
  • Specify minimum balance when the responsible administrator should receive notifications. Check is made once a day. For the notification function to operate on your server, a command should be setup in cron:
    12 0 * * * /usr/local/ispmgr/sbin/cron.sh sbin/domainmaintain daily.
    If registrar system balance is less than the one specified in “Minimum balance” field, corresponding department will receive a ticket.

Next, import tariff plans that you will resell. To do this, go to the “Products” module in “Rate plans” section and import specified services. You should worry neither about prices nor names, as we will customize them to your needs.

Importing rate plans

Importing rate plans

Importing rate plans. Result.

You can customize names and other parameters of imported services.

Additional tariffs tuning

Result of additional tariffs tuning

Cost of manufacturer’s services is set by selecting a service and selecting “Periods” command in popup menu, followed by setting price for various periods of ordering the service.

Setting prices

Setting prices

Checking ordering of service
You should check the whole process of ordering the service. To do this, in “Goods/Services” module select “Order” command in section “Domain Names”.

Domain name is specified without zone.

At the stage of domain registration, domain status is checked, and if there is a “Try later” error, it means that the whois server is not working on the server, without which you will not be able to register domains.
If the domain name has already been registered by someone, status of the domain name should be “Busy”.

Checking ordering of service

Checking ordering of service

Checking ordering of service
If the domain name can be registered, you will have to choose a rate plan and continue registration. We will not describe this process here, since interaction of servers has already been established. For successful reselling of our services, maintain the requested balance on your personal account.

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